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The media has been catching up to Taylor Moore, a role model extensively profiled in Wendy's book. Since being featured in The Good Girl Revolution, Taylor has been interviewed in The Chicago Tribune among other publications, and brought on as a teen expert--twice--on "The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet." Somehow, Taylor has also found time to take advantage of her full scholarship at the University of Illinois and is studying hard. Way to go, Taylor!

Read the Tribune article

Since Wendy interviewed the young role models in The Good Girl Revolution, Yagmur graduated high school and is doing great studying medicine/biology at Johns Hopkins, and Ella is flourishing in high school. She has been studying harp for three years now and sounds beautiful, but she recently learned to play the accordian for her school musical (She was a pirate in “Treasure Island.”)

Meanwhile, Rashida's CD, "Love is Not a Game," is becoming more and more popular.

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"Wendy Shalit’s first book, A Return to Modesty. . . created a storm when it was published nine years ago but whose influence can be detected in today’s campus chastity clubs, including here at Harvard. As a veteran of pro-sex feminism who still endorses pornography and prostitution, I say more power to all these chaste young women who are defending their individuality and defying groupthink and social convention. That is true feminism!"

— Camille Paglia, Harvard Feminism Conference Keynote, April 10 2008